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Our scope includes full-service work ranging from graphic & illustration, web & app design, video & content production as well as development & socials.

Creative Brand Solutions

Your brand in motion.

Previous Clients

Client Logo(ENS Cloudname)
Client Logo(DEX Orca)
Client Logo(GameFi Ultiverse)
Client Logo(Futures Hedgehog)
Client Logo(DEX Ref Finance)
Client Logo(GameFi Galaxy Blitz)
Client Logo(Defi Trader Joe)
Client Logo(Defi MakerDAO)
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  • •  dApp Development
  • •  Smart Contract Development
  • •  Web-App / Mobile Development
  • •  Full Application Architecture
  • •  Initial Twitter Set-up / Service
  • •  Initial Discord Set-up / Service
  • •  NFT Marketing Launch
  • •  NFT KOL / Growth Hacking
  • •  Full / Partial Community Strategy
  • •  Full / Partial Training & Education
  • •  Partnership & Collab Management
  • •  Script & Storyboarding
  • •  Explainer Videos
  • •  Teaser Videos
  • •  Cinematic Trailers
  • •  Product Explainer Videos
Design & Wireframes
  • •  Graphic Templates
  • •  Server Emojis
  • •  Web Design
  • •  App Design
  • •  User Flow Design
  • •  UI / UX Design
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How to start

We offer two types of services, either full service on a monthly retainer or a sprint model based on milestones. Our team is happy to learn more about what your needs are on a free introductory call!

Either way though, we prefer to start with a small appetizer before dining together!

An appetizer is a small portion of your overall scope of needs that we can execute in less than 5 working days, for which we bill you separately for.


Graphic Templates
4 × Graphics: 3-Days / $500
Teaser Video
1 × 30s Teaser Video: 2-Days / $1,000
Twitter Launch-Plan
1 × 30-day Twitter Plan: 4-days / $1,000
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Client Ref Finance

Engagement Monthly Retainer

Duration 6 Months

Scope Full marketing, Design, & Production


Pricing Options

In order for us to send you a proposal, please contact one of your team members for an initial audit to assess the scope of work.

Payment is accepted in USDC or USDT only, 100% up-front regardless of scope.


Starting from


Video Production

Starting from


Web & App Design

Starting from


Web & App Development

Starting from


Twitter & Discord Management

Starting from

$1,000/month each

NFT Launch

Starting from


+ 5% of mint

Community Strategy & Management

Starting from


Alpha as a Service

Starting from


*Prices shown are in USDC

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Have a specific need in mind or ready to start our tailor-made solution for your brand?

Contact us at [email protected], or fill out our form below to get started.

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